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YS Storage & Office Systems Pte Ltd

Botless Shelving System

Dimensions :

H2100 x W900 x D300mm

H2100 x W900 x D450mm

H2100 x W900 x D600mm

H2100 x W1200 x D300mm

H2100 x W1200 x D450mm

H2100 x W1200 x D600mm

Load Per Level : 200Kgs UDL


Chrome Plated Wire Shelving

Dimensions : 

H1800 x W610 x D350mm

H1800 x W910 x D350mm

H1800 x W910 x D450mm

H1800 x W910 x D610mm

H1800 x W1220 x D350mm

H1800 x W1220 x D450mm

H1800 x W1220 x D610mm


Slotted Angle Shelving

Dimensions :

H1829 x W900 x D300mm

H1829 x W900 x D450mm

H1829 x W900 x D600mm

H1829 x W1200 x D300mm

H1829 x W1200 x D450mm

Load Per Level : 100Kgs UDL


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